Pastry Chefs Guild of Ontario (CPCG)
Representing the Pastry Chefs' Trade In Canada
Incorporated in 1982

About: Canadian Pastry Chefs Guild Inc

The Pastry Chefs Guild of Ontario Inc.

In the late 1960s a group of Toronto Pastry Chefs met and formed a professional organization to promote trade education and improve trade standards.

In fact, at the time the trades of Baker and Pastry Chef did not exist in Ontario, and were classified provincially as "Domestic Help".

Many a friendship with like-minded colleagues helped the exchange of ideas and co-operation among members. Guild members have upheld these ideals faithfully since.

The Pastry Chefs Guild of Ontario (PCG) was incorporated in 1982.

The Provincial Government of Ontario recognizes this Guild as the representative of the Pastry Chefs' Trade in Ontario. The Guild offers counsel to the Ontario Government on trade matters.
Members of the Guild were largely responsible for creating trade courses and examination questions for pastry chefs that the Ministry of Skills Development uses for their examination and trade certification, the "Certificate of Qualification for the Trade of Baker-Pâtissier". Guild members were also invited to formulate examinations for the Inter-provincial "Red Seal" test for Bakers and Pâtissiers. Members play an important role on the Provincial Industrial Committee (Baker-Pâtissier).

Canadian Pastry Chefs Guild Inc.

To promote the trade of "Pastry Chef" nation-wide, the Guild applied for and was granted a Federal Charter for a corporation named "Canadian Pastry Chefs Guild Inc." in 2002, which now operates across Canada and now has incorporated the former PCG of Ontario.

The affairs of the Canadian Pastry Chefs Guild are regulated by the Constitution.
"Membership in this organization shall be limited to persons interested in furthering the objectives of the corporation and shall consist of anyone whose application for admission as a member has received the approval of the Board of Directors of the corporation". (Article 3)
The Guild asks its members to abide by the "Code of Ethics". It gives moral guidance and represents the spirit of the Guild.

CPCG Code of Ethics

I will strive to achieve and maintain the highest degree of professional competence and will always uphold the honour, dignity and ethical standards of my profession.

I pledge my loyalty and support to the "Canadian Pastry Chefs Guild Inc." and will comply with the Constitution, by-laws, policies and established practices which govern its members.

I solemnly dedicate myself to promote and advance the profession of Pastry Chef.

Canadian Pastry Chefs Guild
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